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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

Young Signmaker of the Year 2019


Daniel Garrett of Graffiti Signs

Daniel Garrett joined Graffiti Design in 2013 as a trainee and within three years he was in charge of all cnc routing.  Earlier this year, the position of Works Manager became available and Dan and a colleague applied for it together.  Now, at just 24, he is joint works manager at Graffiti.

About the project

Dan started with Graffiti in Sept 2013 as trainee signmaker, gaining experience in all aspects of signmaking, including metal and acrylic letter making, digital printing, cnc router operating etc. However, it was cnc routers that Dan really took to. Within 3 years he was put in charge of all cnc works (designing, programming etc) including training of additional cnc operators.

Dan was also heavily involved in the Graffiti’s project at LUSH, which won the 2018 Retail Sign of the Year award.

Since his promotion to Works Manager, Graffiti have been particularly impressed with his effort and dedication.

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We have been very impressed with Dan’s efforts and dedication. I think this is a marvellous achievement for a young man in such a short space of time.

Colin Pestell

Director, Graffiti Design

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