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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

The Wide Format Project of the Year 2020

Winner of The Wide Format Project of the Year 2020

DMA Signs

National Gallery

The first-ever UK monographic exhibition of works by Dutch Master Nicholas Maes was staged  by the National Gallery this year and to complement the actual paintings, and DMA were commissioned to produce large format, digitally printed versions of the original works.   The key demand was for accuracy of reproduction on a range of different media, including architectural fabrics.  The result was vibrant, high resolution imagery that transformed the wall spaces in the gallery.

Highly Commended


Bradford and Southampton Hospitals

Imageco worked with Hospital Art Studio and both hospitals to bring to life two pieces of art designed to commemorate the unique sacrifice made by organ donors.  The Tree of Yorkshire Birds in Bradford and Sails and Seabirds in Southampton both feature large format print  and laser cut aluminium birds made to look as though they are soaring and shimmering in the light.

Peach Design


Commended for their work on a number of projects involving glazing manifestations, full wallcoverings and floor vinyls.  A small company delivering big – and very creative – results.