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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

Vehicle Grpahics of the Year 2020

Winner of The Architectural Sign of the Year 2020

Eyecatching Signs

Superheroes car wrap

The prime purpose of most car wraps is to be noticed and create an impression, and with the Superheroes wrap of a Peugeot SUV for a Martial Arts school Eyecatching Signs succeeded in spades.  In addition to delivering the wrap,  Eyecatching Signs obtained all the necessary permissions to use the images and created the design from images provided.

Highly Commended

N1 Visual Solutions

Sensory Bus

N1’s wrap transformed an old, run-down shuttle bus into a bright, visually-appealing ‘sensory bus’ for the Riley Foundation, a charitable organisation that provides access to state-of-the-art sensory and integration facilities for children and adults with autism and other special education needs.  N1 designed, printed and installed the wrap on the bus, which is kitted out to enable children to enjoy an ‘immersive sensory experience’.

Elite Signs

Fablas Ice-Cream

The total transformation of an old ‘battle-worn’ ice cream van into a vibrant ‘new’ vehicle to promote and sell award-winning ice cream products.  The project is not just an excellent example of the art of wrapping, it is also an exemplar of how wrapping can be used to give vehicles, which might otherwise be destined for the scrap yard, a completely new lease of life.