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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

The Decor Award 2019


Sign of the Times for Telford Mann

Sign of the Times won for the sophisticated interior treatment of a new company headquarters.  The solution included wallpapers, incorporating built-up company logos, window manifestations, wayfinder signage, and a stairwell feature wall based on the hexagons from the brand emblem.

About the project

Sign of the Times worked alongside Triad UK to design the decor and signage for the new office of Telford Mann. They prototyped the elements of the project before producing and installing all of the elements.

They digitally printed wallpaper, created new window manifestations in forsted vinyl, produced door signage and wayfinder graphics and individual cut vinyl brand statements and emblems which were applied to painted walls.

However, the main feature of the internal décor of the building was the stairwell feature wall. Sign of the Times  used a variety of materials and finishes, bringing them together to form hexagons used in the brand emblem.  The materials included:

  • Built-up acrylic with face illumination
  • Birch faced plywood with acrylic face
  • Wrapped and sprayed 19mm foamex with digitally printed vinyl in a flat finish and an ironstone textured finish
  • Standard matt satin acrylic

The result is a stunning finish to an often neglected area.

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“When we were first introduced to Triad by Sign of the Times, we really had no idea of how we wanted the new office to look, other than a bright and modern space for everyone to work in that fitted with our team and ethos, whilst maximising the light coming in from the numerous windows we had incorporated into the building design. The team were able to create a concept which turned our existing logo and colours into a quite unique office design. Every space is different and yet they were always thoughtful about where they felt design was needed, they never tried to fill every gap or overdo it. They were always receptive to feedback and the whole design and installation process was so much easier than we thought it ever would be. The bright pillars and walls obviously stand out, but it is the little touches like the door signage and different textures that give a nod to our Ironstone heritage that we think really make it “our” office. The “piece de resistance” is the wall art which fills our stairwell. We wanted to avoid the stairwell being the forgotten area and with so much light streaming through, we wanted to make the most of it. The artwork we now have is a focal point, using our colours, heritage and logo to create something which we think stands alone as a piece of art rather than just as part of an office design. The design has created a contemporary yet traditional feel that our team enjoy working in.”


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