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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

The Craftsman Award 2020

Winner of The Craftsman Award

Morgan Signs

The Holly Blue

Morgan’s project at the new build Holly Blue in Basingstoke is an outstanding example of the traditional sign maker skills – traditional sign writing, gold leafing and wood carving plus the creation of the post-mounted and free-standing sculptures from stainless steel wire.  “Absolutely brilliant.”

Highly Commended

DMA Signs

Wind Mitigation Scheme, Manchester

An unusual project for a signmaker, but delivered with great skill by DMA.  Each of the three screens is over 8m tall and consists of two anodized panels, water-cut to achieve the complex design patterns.  DMA also designed and managed the complex installation. “A demonstration of the ability of sign makers to adapt their skills to meet unusual challenges.”

SD Signs

Botham’s Bakery, Whitby

The brief was to create a sign that would be in keeping with the age of the building and SD opted for a cast iron bracket incorporating a traditional-style hanging sign.  “Well executed and right on brief”.