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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

Sign of the Year 2019


Goodwin & Goodwin for Dorset House

Goodwin & Goodwin created Art Deco-style signage at Dorset House in London.  The design and engineering effort that was required for the manufacture of the curved, stepped canopy in polished stainless steel was particularly impressive.

About the project

Goodwin & Goodwin were the main contractor for the signage project at Dorset House and were involved with the design, manufacture and installation.

The produced:

  • Built Up Letters with trough lighting
  • Illuminated Art Deco Canopy in polished stainless steel & glass
  • Illuminated steel & glass door surrounds

Dorset House is a listed 1920’s Art Deco building and getting the architectural details right on this project was very important.

Bending the stainless steel round the corners proved very tricky and took several attempts.