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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

Retail Sign of the Year 2019


Butterfield Signs for McDonlads

Butterfield Signs won for their work for McDonalds, one of world’s most successful brands.  In a relationship which has lasted over 20years  and is ongoing, Butterfield has supplied and installed a wide range of sophisticated external and internal signage to over 1200 sites.

About the project

The working relationship between Butterfield Signs and McDonalds is one of the longest standing partnering supply agreements in the UK , now extending in excess of 20 years.

Over that period, they have supplied and installed signage to in excess of 1200 individual UK site locations, in most circumstances on 2 or 3 occasions to facilitate refurbishment of sites or upgrading to the new brand identity including to locations across Western Europe.

The signage and associated product range of items includes, roof mounted signs, sky signs ranging from 6-18mtrs, totems ranging from 6m to 12m tall, low level brand and message wall signage , elements of building cladding , digital menu totems, drive through communication totems , height restrictor barriers plus protective drive through order area canopies.

The latest brand initiative is to replace all of the paper menu drive through mini totems with digital signage units, this program is underway and will see Butterfield supply and install 4000 units to 1000 individual locations over the next 10 months operating at an average run rate of 100 sites a month.

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