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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

The Illuminated Sign of the Year 2020

Winner of The Illuminated Sign of the Year

Sovereign Signs

Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough

The challenge for Sovereign was to recreate the signage for the building, originally erected as a cinema in the 1930s, in the style of the original but with modern techniques and materials in order to save money and energy.  They used over 300 metres of flexible faux neon LED to illuminate the fabricated aluminium letters and the 12 linear light rows.  An outstanding illuminated display.

Highly Commended

N1 Visual Solutions

Neon Wolf

The café has been transformed into a candy-pink, neon-lit fairground through the use of LED illumination throughout this incredibly creative project.  Brilliant outcome.



What impressed the judges about the Hypervsn entry was the potential offered to signage by the 3D system they provide.  Full holographic displays are able to work while consuming very little energy, opening up the potential for much wider use across a variety of environments.