Eurobond Adhesives Ltd supply a wide range of specialist adhesives, adhesive tapes, applicator guns, surface cleaning and preparation accessories all designed for and used by, many thousands of Signmakers throughout Europe. Our Penloc® range of fast curing 2-part structural adhesives and flexible adhesives are unrivalled in performance and ease of use. They offer high performance at a fair price. Penloc® can be used to bond many materials including most metals, plastics, wood, glass, Corian®, Dibond®, fibreglass, stone and so much more. Typical adhesive applications include bonding metal, acrylic and nylon locators, bonding painted metal stiffener bars to Dibond®, sheet metal fabrication, built up letter manufacture, constructing light boxes, sign trays, monolyths, plastic fabrication, thermal management tape for LED lighting.

In addition to our structural liquid adhesives we have a range of ‘VHB style’ acrylic adhesive tapes which perform as good as, or are better performing than the more famous 3M brands. And we supply our range of MagneTape® self-adhesive magnetic tapes widely used in mounting printed media and graphics in retail, commercial, industrial, healthcare and educational buildings.

Do you offer a plastic fabrication service perhaps making trophies, display cases or other POS? Still using the outdated solvent welding chemicals that take hours to cure and usually give a poor quality finish? Then you really need to try our UV light curing adhesives for PMMA and PC bonding. Eurobond are recognised as the leading experts for the supply, use and training of UV adhesives for plastic fabrication. We are technical advisors to most major film studios, TV and stage prop making departments, museums as well as plastic fabrication companies.

We are trusted by literally thousands of signmakers throughout Europe for getting it right first time, every time. Our technical experts are happy visit your business, discuss and evaluate your project and offer you the best advice and bonding solution that will help you improve your production process and save you time and money. We will also train your sign makers in the correct use of our adhesives, surface preparation & adhesives health & safety ‘Best Practice’. You can contact us on 01795 427888 or email