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British Sign Awards 2020

The original UK Sign Industry Awards return for 2020

Award Categories

In total there are 15 award categories that cover every aspect of the modern sign industry – from traditional craft skills, through the rapidly developing décor and vehicle livery sectors, to highly engineered architectural signs.

Recognising that the sign industry is made up primarily of SMEs, there is a special award for the Small Sign Business of the Year, open to any business employing from one to five people. The Young Signmaker of the Year Award reflects the importance of attracting and training young people to work in the industry.

The Craftsman Award

This award is designed to recognise traditional sign making skills. Entries can be complete signs created using traditional methods or can be signs produced using modern techniques but which include a hand-crafted element.

Architectural Sign of the Year

This category is for major signs designed and produced to make a statement. Entries should be structural signs – either stand-alone or fixed to a building – that are designed to create a major impression on all who see them.

The Construction Award

This award recognises the work of the design, engineering and manufacturing specialists whose skills ensure that signs are manufactured and installed to be safe and fit for purpose.

The Decor Award

Category is open to projects designed and produced to enhance the interior of any building through the use of signage and/or graphics produced on plastics, wallpapers, textiles, glass, metals and ceramics etc.

Illuminated Sign of the Year

Lighting technology provides sign makers with myriad options with which to create fantastic illuminated signs. The judges will be looking for an illuminated sign or signs that effectively harness the technologies available and deliver outstanding visual impact.

The Leisure Sign of the Year

The leisure sector – pubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues and sports stadia – is a vibrant and exciting market for signs. It offers almost unlimited potential for combining creative flair with sign making skills.  This award recognises the importance of signs – both external and internal – within this sector.

Retail Sign of the Year

Signage remains one of the most important marketing tools used by retailers.  This category is open to any sign business that has produced signs for a retail environment.  External and/or internal signage may be entered.

Roll-out Programme of the Year

The award is for the implementation of a single, consistent signage scheme across multiple sites/buildings. 

The Small Sign Business of the Year

This category recognises that by far the majority of sign makers in the UK are smaller businesses. The award is open to any UK sign business that employs from 1 to 5 people.

Wayfinding Scheme of the Year

The fundamental purpose of a wayfinding scheme is to help people navigate to and through a place. It’s about ensuring the information is placed where it’s needed and can be easily interpreted by people on the move.  Increasingly clients are also looking for a design that is distinctive, reflects the character of the brand and/or fits the architectural style of the building.

The Wide Format Project of the Year

Wide format digital printing now plays a major role in the sign industry. Entries for this award are invited from businesses that have made creative and visually dramatic use of the technology.

Vehicle Graphics of the Year

raphics and wraps can be applied to vehicles of every type and size, from the family saloon, through every type of road-going commercial vehicle to  planes, boats and trains. This year’s awards will recognise excellence across the full spectrum of vehicle graphics. The judging panel will have the freedom to make awards as they see fit to recognise the diverse nature of this sector.  (e.g.  Fleet Award; Sporting Livery Award;  Individual Vehicle Award; Vanity Project Award etc).

The Green Award

A new category for 2020 designed to recognise the increasing importance of environmental issues in the sign industry.  Entries are invited from sign makers who, through the selection and use of materials and technology, have delivered eco-friendly projects.  The award is also open to suppliers of materials and services who have demonstrably taken steps to improve their environmental credentials.

Young Signmaker of the Year

This award  highlights the contribution young people are making to the industry and seeks to reinforce the need to continue to recruit and train young people across the industry.

Product of the Year

Every year, hundreds of new products are launched into the sign and display sector. Many are designed to help simplify a process that was previously labour intensive, some have been developed to enable signmakers to open up new revenue streams or offer greatly enhanced services, while others are more economic and/or greener than their predecessors.

The ‘Product of the Year Award’ will go to the product (machine, material, component, technology, service etc) that has made the greatest impact on the industry in the past year.