The Décor Award

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This new award for 2017 recognises the growing importance of the ‘décor sector’ to the sign industry.

Modern machinery and an increasing selection of specially developed materials and substrates has opened up a vast potential market for sign makers  – and the most switched-on are already using their skills to grab their share.

It’s the world of customised wall coverings, bespoke floor graphics, printed textiles, soft furnishings and creative manifestations – and, because the potential is so great, it may yet prove to be the most important market for sign makers in the future.

It is all about bespoke decorative interiors and, increasingly, architects and interior designers are searching for unique, customised solutions – and are turning to sign makers to supply them.

Décor is now being used to great effect in virtually every sector –  in schools, in the healthcare and care industries and in public buildings.  It’s adding a new dimension to leisure facilities, from bars and restaurants to gyms and cinemas,  and is being used by leading corporates to improve working environments and give them a unique ambience.

Décor is also being used on a smaller scale by homeowners to put their unique stamp on their interiors with bespoke wallpapers, murals and tailored textiles – and, again, sign makers are offering their services to meet the demand.

Entries for the award are invited from sign makers who have completed an interior décor project over the course of the past year.

  • Provide a brief, bullet-point description of the project
  • State the scope of your involvement (e.g. design, manufacture, installation)

(Note: You can enter for this award jointly with a designer/design company if you wish to.  Please provide full details)

  • Describe materials/processes/technology used and detail any innovative elements and/or particular challenges you had to overcome.
  • Please provide date of completion
  • Provide visual images of the sign (s) (up to 4 high quality images, each at 1 – 2 MB)
  • If possible, include a short testimonial from your client


Judging criteria

The judges will consider the visual impact of each project together with the use of technology and materials, the implementation of the scheme and any innovative features..

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Closing date for receipt of entries for this award is Friday, 8th September, 2017

About Metamark

Metamark is a leading UK based manufacture and supplier of Digital Media, SignVinyl, Speciality Materials and Printable Décor Products.

Metamark invents.

Metamark develops products that reflect the needs of signs and graphics manufactures today. Metamark develops the materials they’ll need to undertake any job profitably as markets evolve and grow in the future too.

Metamark manufactures.

Metamark’s manufacturing facility is located in Lancaster in the United Kingdom. This facility is also home to Metamark’s development laboratories and materials conversion operations too.

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When you buy media and materials from Metamark, you’re dealing with with the very people who’ve developed it and who manufacture it. Metamark understands its business – and Metamark values yours.

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New technologies. New materials. New opportunities. Metamark develops materials that help you exploit commercial opportunities. Signs and Graphics. Outdoor advertising and vehicle livery. Domestic and industrial décor. If there’s an application, there’s a Metamark material that’s ready to help you exploit it.