The Wayfinding Scheme of the Year

in association with Sign Design Society

A wayfinding scheme should provide easy to understand information where it’s required, to help visitors find their way round. It should consider the needs of a wide audience and tailor the design of any signs to the environment. Increasingly for commercial clients, this design needs to reflect the character of the brand and go beyond simply applying the logo to a sign.

Successful schemes bring together a diverse set of capabilities  – analytical, strategic, creative design (product, information and graphics), engineering design, material processing, manufacturing and implementation.  Importantly they require close collaboration between the wayfinding design team and the manufacturer, to ensure that the end product meets the client’s design and quality aspirations.

Entry Criteria

  1. Entries should not previously have been entered for a British Sign Award. and have been installed during the period from September 2016 to August 2017.
  2. The application may be submitted by the wayfinding /design consultant, the sign company or jointly.
  3. As a category within the British Sign Awards, entry is restricted to UK based organisations only. However submissions will be accepted from non-UK based wayfinding and design consultancies, provided the manufacture and/or installation was undertaken by a UK company.
  4. Similarly entries should feature physical signs, whether static and or digital/electronic (i.e. solutions that are wholly mobile app or mobile web based are excluded).
  5. Overseas projects are eligible, provided they fulfil the criteria above.
  6. Entries must meet British and European standards where applicable (see entry form)
  7. The closing date for entries is Friday 8th

Entry Process

Application is via an online form. The applicant will need to explain their role and provide brief overview of the project including:

  • Identifying the client, project, location, wayfinding/design consultant and sign company.
  • The client brief and objectives.
  • The nature of any particular design or manufacturing challenges that they had to address.
  • The outcome, including how they overcame any challenges; extent of innovation; environmental sustainability; the type of signage involved (i.e. static, digital/electronic) and quantity of signs involved in the implementation.
  • How the wayfinding/design consultant and sign company worked together to ensure delivery of a successful scheme.

All entries should be accompanied by up to 6 high quality images of between 1 -2 MB each.

Enter the Awards here

Judging Criteria

All entries within this category will be judged by an independent panel convened by The Sign Design Society  – the professional association for practitioners involved in commissioning, specifying, designing, planning, manufacturing and/or implementing wayfinding schemes.

The panel will evaluate entries according to the extent the scheme satisfies the following:

  • Fulfils and/or exceeds the client brief.
  • Delivers the functional requirements.
  • Demonstrates good practice in inclusive design.
  • Delivers innovative or creative new approaches within the design and/or implementation.
  • Complements and/or enhances the environment in which they are placed.
  • Are cost effective and easy to update and maintain.
  • Addresses environmental sustainability concerns.

The panel will shortlist three entries.  Two representatives from each of these three applicants will be invited as guests to attend a gala awards lunch on 9th November 2017 where the winner will be announced