Candidates should be nominated by their employers.


We are looking for sign making apprentices who have made outstanding progress in their academic / learning achievements and have made a real contribution to their employer’s business.

Entrants should have demonstrated commitment to their own personal development and progression through skills and learning, and delivered outstanding contributions which have exceeded normal expectations.

Nominees should have:

  • exceeded expectations and shown a dynamic approach to training
  • demonstrated initiative, enterprise, innovation and creativity

Entry requirements

  1. Resumé of any academic qualifications/standards achieved. Particular note of any exceptional grades or achievements.
  1. Brief description of any projects in which the candidate has played a significant role together with a description of his/her contribution.
  1. Brief testimonial/appraisal from employer and/or trainer on the candidates progress and prospects for the future.
  1. Up to four images of work/projects, either completed by or with significant input from the candidate.

The winner of the award will be announced at the BSGA Awards Presentation in Nottingham on October 13th