Enter the 2017 British Sign Awards

The BSGA British Sign Awards are open to ALL sign businesses based in the UK.

(BSGA membership is not a requirement)


  • Entry to the awards in free and simple. All projects entered for an award must have been completed between August 1st, 2016 and August 30th 2017 and should not previously have been entered for a BSGA award.


All you have to do is download and complete the entry form and submit it along with up to 6 images via the online form below. Alternatively you can send the completed form and relevant images to entry2017@britishsignawards.org. 

  • Decide on which category or categories you wish to enter. A single project can be entered in up to three categories if suitable (eg. a single project may be suitable for the Illuminated, Architectural and Construction categories).
    Note: The judges reserve the right to consider any entry for an award in any category if they deem it suitable.
  • The judging criteria for each award are detailed on the website. Please check that you have covered all the required criteria in your written submission.
  • Please keep your written submissions as brief as possible (Maximum 500 words). A bullet point submission, highlighting the most salient points, is preferable.
  • IMPORTANT. IMAGE SUBMISSION. The judging panel does not have the facility to see entries at first hand. The project images you submit are the only way the judges will be able to see your project. Please try to make sure your photographs do full justice to your project. Images submitted should be good quality 1 – 2 MB with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. Please try to limit the number images per entry to 6.
  • Signs submitted for awards must comply to all relevant British and, where required, European standards. Please complete the ‘Standards’ question on the entry form.
  • Complete all the contact details on the form.
  • Judging of the entries will be undertaken by an independent panel of industry experts. .  In the case of the Wayfinding Award judging will be by a panel convened by the Sign Design Society. The decisions of the judges are final.

Final date for receipt of entry to the Young Signmaker of the year is Midnight August 15th, 2017.

Final date for receipt of entries is Midnight Friday, September 8th, 2017.

If you have problems submitting the form. You can send your entry via email to entry2017@britishsignawards.org



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General Entry Form

Use this form to enter all categories except Young Signmaker of the Year and Product of the Year

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Young Signmaker of the Year

Use this form to enter the Young Signmaker of the Year

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Product of the Year

Use this form to enter Product of the Year

You may select up to 3 categories to enter your project in
Save your entry form and up to 6 images and a .zip file and upload them. Alternatively, you can upload each individually